My question involves civil rights in the State of: In 2004, I went to my therapist for help, I was having trouble at home, work and life in general. I had been on medication and my anxiety and stress was through the roof. I needed to move out of the living situation I was in and needed help with getting the correct medication because what I was taking was not helpful.

She took, my saying that I needed to get out of there, meaning my house, that I was going to hurt myself. So instead of getting me in for a medication stablization, she had me 5150, transported to the ER and then my journey through the Psychological system started. In the end they kept sedating me for 3 days and on the fourth day I finally was transferred out to a home to help me with making the arrangements to move some where else. However, I did not find out until 2013, that on the day I was transferred out, they had signed a 5250 form, blocking me from ever owing a gun. I was never made aware of it, the patient advocates when I call them they can find no record and neither can the Public Defender from my County or the County that I was Hospitalized in. Now, I am having difficulty getting someone from the District Attorney's office to talk to me about filing for the reversal and unfortunately I really can't afford a ton of money to pay some big Attorney to fight it. In reading some information from the DOJ, I believe that this sounds very similar to the New York State vs. Geller case listed in the Brady Gun Information they have posted.

Thanks to all that read and appreciate any advice

God Bless you all!