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    I'm not sure if this is the right location but I'm seeking information I was currently offered a light duty job. My job requires me to go to my home location pick up a company vehicle and then drive to new location. on my light duty or I'm required to go to a completely different location without being reimbursed travel time I normally travel 50 minutes to my home plant. Approximately 30 miles away new location is 70 miles away which is almost putting 900 miles on my personal vehicle every week.
    My light duty is require me to travel two hours to two and a half HR. To the light duty location

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    And what is your question?

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    do you need a company vehicle to do your light duties (as opposed to your regular ones where you do need the company vehicle)?

    does your light duty require you to go to the home office prior to the first/other location?

    Otherwise I am having a tough time deciphering your actual situation between your home, your home location, and where you are travelling to/from. (home location, new location, home plant, and light duty location).

    You also didn't share your location/state.... that would be helpful

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