My question involves a professional license in the state of: CA
Here in Los Angeles, like a lot of cities, they recently passed some Airbnb regulations. You have to pay $89 to register your airbnb unit starting July 1, but the city's stated deadline is Oct 1. So in other words, I am not required to register until Oct 31.
I just assumed that if I registered early, it was like paying my taxes or something (which if I pay on Jan 1, my taxes are still not due until April 15th the next year). As it turns out, the city starts the clock either from the moment I registered or from the moment my registration is processed and approved (I've gotten conflicting answers from them). They tricked me.
This to me lacks consideration. If I am not required to pay for the 4 month period leading up to Oct 31, 2019, why are they billing me for that period? I'm being short changed of a period of up to 4 months. It's like an optional fee period. No city should have what is essentially an optional fee period.
I've argued with the city and been stonewalled. They just regurgitate the same responses along the lines of "This is how it is. We can't make adjustments for one individual."
My last request was to ask for them to have their city attorney explain to me how this is not unjust. Do cities have attorneys who review matters like this?
What would you folks suggest? Eventually can this be brought to small claims? I'm guessing that the cost to file would be more than the $89, so am I just screwed? BTW this will probably cost me $89 because my season runs from about May 1 to Oct 31. Is this something a law firm might do a class action over, on behalf of lots of hosts?