My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Ohio.

What are the official/legal steps in determining when employee rights and safety outweigh patient dinning room temperature preferences?

I'm a kitchen employee in an assisted living facility and part of my job is carrying the meal from the kitchen to the patient. My problem is: I'm sweating bullets and risking possible heat stroke serving food in an un-air-conditioned dinning room because if the air is on a tiny fraction of the patients being served are complaining "I'm cold." (Also, there is no AC in the sub-kitchens I serve out of because--I was told--it would cool off the food. But the thing is, they complain the food is cold any ways even though 1/2 the time my skin is melting off carrying it to them.) Meanwhile it's 80-90+ degrees Fahrenheit outside and my employer cares more about keeping the patients happy than their employees's health and safety.

(And they wonder why there's a revolving door of employees leaving the company. )