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Don't be heart broken even if the "worst" does happen.

On one hand he get's 50/50 and doesn't utilize it. Or, he gets 50/50 and does utilize it and your child develops a relationship with her father.
Thank you for your positive out look. I do appreciate that. I just know the damage that can be done when a father is in and out of a child's life when it benefits or does not benefit them. Or when a child is exposed to bad behaviors at such a young age because their parent doesn't care enough to do better for their child. She deserves so much better than that. And I love at the end where you said "Remember to LOVE your child more than you HATE your ex" ... that's exactly right. I have zero hate for him. I feel nothing for him actually. I just want me daughter to be safe, protected, loved and to grow up full of happiness. She deserves that from both parents. Not just from one, while the other only uses her when it's going to benefit themself in some way.