My question involves civil rights in the State of: Georgia

We were arrested 5 years ago, still yet to go to court or have our civil case done.

I was charged with Commercial gambling, felony counts. The problem here is that they charged us for cash payouts. It's important to understand how this works, so please let me explain.

In the state of GA you have legal gambling machines, these machines are regulated and require "skill" to play. These skill is usually that you just need to move a symbol up or down to make a match etc. We were using certified machines operating under a legal business and COAM license.

The location that has machines cannot be the owner of those machines. At the locations we were charged at we were not the owners of the location, but rather the machines. Those locations got caught paying out cash. This has nothing to do with the Machine owners. That being said they decided to charge us instead of the store owners which resulted in our COAM license being lost. There are limited amounts of COAM license and GA just auctioned off some for a sum of 1 million. We lost all property and cash on hand and in banks. They searched a bank lock box without a search warrant, they found cash inside and then made a warrant for it to search for money.

My wife (was fiancee at the time) owned a location that we put machines in. Someone previously had owned the location and closed. The previous owner had been busted paying out cash. We can prove owner ship as we have receipts and business license and GA power swap over a couple of months after the original owner was busted, and 3 months before we were arrested.

We have been struggling with life after being black listed on the front page. Lucky for me I have a nursing degree and was able to practice, though I had to move towns.

What options do we have for litigation. I was told it's hard to sue govt agency, but I would like to try. Also keep in mind that the GA lottery is a private corporation and they were involved and helped oversee this, they revoked our license as well.


Thank you.