My husband died 9 years ago (he was only 39 yrs old) and I called within 1 week to report his death to SSA and arranged survivor benefits for my daughter. At that time I asked if I was entitled to any spousal benefits and the rep asked if I had been married at least 10 years and I said no. She said "well, then you aren't eligible". Well fast forward to now....I have found out that I was indeed eligible for spousal survivor benefits because I was taking care of his child, no matter what my age or length of our marriage. Am I entitled to back pay for the past 9 years of benefits because the social security rep dropped the ball and did not sign me up for the benefits at that time? The rep's negligence has caused me to miss out on a large amount of money and that could of helped me tremendously in raising my children on my own as a single mom. Would it be worth my time and effort to hire an attorney in this matter? Thank you very much!