I am a young diving instructor from Africa. I have been travelling recently to Asia, in the country of Indonesia for accomplishing a diving course and obtain my Divemaster certificate.
During my stay there i have been overstaying my visa unfortunately, when i finally presented myself to the airport to leave the country i was sent into custody for several weeks in order to complete the immigration procedure and in the end i have been deported from the country.

During my stay in Indonesia i have been noticing that my home and all my electronic devices were put under surveillance.
Since my deportation from this country, 7 months ago, i travelled to 3 other countries and i have noticed that the surveillance i was the target of did not end with my departure from Indonesia.
In each of these 3 countries my home and my electronics devices have been constantly monitored, i am under surveillance until this day for some reasons that i do not know.
The thing which is the most unusual is that all my private informations are being shared with the public in real time, the recording of my electronic devices as well as all the camera footages of my home.
The people responsible for this surveillance profit from the fact that being currently jobless i am unable to pay for a lawyer in order to continue violating my fundamental rights.
I would like to ask please your knowledgeable assitance in order to help me understand and identify the laws which authorize them to monitor me and most importantly, to share my private life to the public in such a way.
I would like to ask you as well what are the legal possibilities for me in order to make this surveillance stop.

Thanking you in advance.