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    Default Driving on Foreign License California Ticket 12500(A)

    Hi, I’m new here but I’m hoping for some help...My boyfriend who has dual citizenship (US and UK) moved to CA approx 1.5 year ago and currently lives with me. He does not pay homeowners tax or rent, he is not in school, and he did not register to vote. This morning he was driving me in my car and we got pulled over for expired registration tags (which I had in my glovebox but had not yet put on). The officer asked for my boyfriends license and unfortunately he only has his Foreign Drivers License from the UK. My boyfriend gave our address as his residence. The officer wrote him a ticket for both the expired tags (despite it being my car) and “no CDL” and circled “misdemeanor” with a date to appear in court in October. After this we asked if I should switch to driving and the officer said “No” which we thought was weird since he had just given us a ticket for this...He’s never been pulled over in the US before and we're not sure what to do/what to expect. Worried about the possibility of jail time even though this is only his first offense. What are our odds here? We’re also planning on taking a road trip from Utah to Wyoming on Monday and are wondering if he should not drive at all. He is promptly working on getting his CA license ASAP. Help anyone?!

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    Default Re: Driving on Foreign License California Ticket 12500(A)

    VC 12500(a) is almost universally filed as an infraction in Traffic Court. And,even if the officer did not indicate that it as "correctable," the court can make it so. Therefore, your boyfriend should go out and get a valid driver's license ASAP. If he can get the license prior to court,he may be able to get off with paying only a court service fee of $25 for that one. The tabs violation can also be made correctable by the court if not marked as such by the officer.

    He should not drive. In the extreme, the officer could have impounded the car for 30 days and you could have been arrested for a misdemeanor for permitting an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle. This would be unlikely, but, possible.

    Get the license, put the tabs on, and make sure you bring proof of this to court (maybe have the car in the parking lot).

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    Default Re: Driving on Foreign License California Ticket 12500(A)

    Whether he pays tax, rents, goes to school, or registers to vote does not change the fact that he is residing in California and must have a California license. It matters not if his other license was from the UK or NY.

    You're required to have the tabs DISPLAYED not just with you. It's incumbent on the DRIVER to make sure he is driving a properly licensed, equipped, and insured vehicle.

    As CDW, points out the driving without a license is almost always treated as an infraction. He's not going to jail. He should get a California license and should bring proof that the tabs are now displayed on the plate and ask if these can be treated as correctable. He'll get off for $50 if that is the case. If not he's facing just over $500 in fines otherwise. No points accrue for these violations.

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