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    My Wife and I are newly married. We are planning a celebration in October and would love for her children (minors) to be able to come be apart of our marriage celebration and possibly stay with us providing they are allowed. As a step father I know im limited in parental rights if I even have any at all. My wife Unfortunately, her status expired and so that makes things difficult. How do we go about getting visas for the kids? What are the chances of this happening?

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    You're going to have to explain things a little better. What is your status? Are you a US citizen? What is her status (was it valid when she entered, have you applied for a COS now that you are married... presuming you're eligible).

    Certainly they are eligible for a visitor visa, but they might be denied since it appears both on its face and by your own comments that they have immigrant intent and would violate the visa.

    As for the immigration law concerning step-children, they are treated the same as biological children provided the marriage to their mother occurred before the child became 18 (I assume this is true by your parenthetical use of the word minor).

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