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    Default How Can an International Organisation Apply for an International Legal Personality

    Hi! I have done a lot of research and I cannor find how can an international organisation apply for the role of international legal personality with the UN. Does anybody know how can we start the process with the UN and how much time it usually takes? Any information will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: How Can an International Organisation Apply for an International Legal Personalit

    What sort of "organization" are you referring to? Persons who are nationals of member states and the organizations that are recognized as entities (e.g., corporations) are already personalities. The only real time an organization needs recognition are for multinational non-state entities. You can read the basic principles here:

    What sort of organization are you? Understand that this is not something you just do and declare yourself an organization and file paperwork with the UN and suddenly are independent of the country you are residing in.

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