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    Default Filing a Pro Se Request for Enlargement of Time to Answer

    My question involves court procedures for the state of Florida & filing a Request for Englargement regarding answering a civil suit

    A civil case was filed vs me in FL & I need more time find a lawyer. I've also been tending to a very sick dog & a recurrence of migraines has limited me the last few weeks so I got off to a late start regarding seeking council. I couldn't find a template on any of the county websites nor from the law library but I found something online thats simple & to the point. Is there anything missing from this template which should be included? What are the 2 lines for at the bottom after my signature?

    ____________________ COUNTY, OHIO

    * CASE NO: ______________________
    _______________________________ *
    Plaintiff, * JUDGE: ________________________
    -vs- *
    _________________________________ *
    Defendant(s), Pro Se. *

    Defendant(s), ____________________________________________, pro se, respectfully request(s) an order granting defendant(s), pro se, an additional 30 days in which to move, plead or otherwise respond to the Plaintiff’s Complaint. I (we) am (are) looking for an attorney who can assist in this case.

    Opposing Counsel has been properly notified of this request.

    Respectfully submitted,
    ________________________, pro se
    Defendant, pro se


    This is to certify that a copy of this request for an extension of time to answer has been sent by ordinary United States Mail this ________ day of ______________________ 201___ to:

    (Name and address of Plaintiff’s attorney)

    Defendant, Pro Se (Signature)


    ________________________, pro se Defendant, pro se

    ***A lawyer mentioned to include this line, "this motion is made for proper purposes and not for delay, no party will be prejudiced in granting this motion".

    Is that needed? Also, is it okay to mention my sick pet & the headaches I've been suffering or is that info too private?

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    Default Re: Filing a Pro Se Request for Enlargement of Time to Answer

    If your case is in the State of Florida, then you certainly don't want to use a form that apparently was created for use in courts in Ohio.

    If I were you, I'd call the plaintiff's lawyer and ask if he/she is agreeable to an extension of time for you to respond. If he/she is so agreeable, ask for confirmation in writing.

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