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    Default Re: Is There Any Law or Legislation to Protect Civil Rights of Litigant Pro Se

    There's no such thing as the "Pro se bill of rights" as a law. It does indeed sound like something Grossack would have written. Again, you can find a lot of his stuff with google and he has books at Amazon

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    Default Re: Is There Any Law or Legislation to Protect Civil Rights of Litigant Pro Se

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    "How to Sue a Judge Without Using a Lawyer" By David C. Grossack, Constitutional Attorney

    I read this article and sound interesting. It is possible to sue a judge!
    That outline is not correct. Can you sue a judge, that is, name him or her as defendant, sure. The Judge, by defendant's response, will be dismissed, trust me, Judicial Immunity. You can argue/appeal a Judge's decision, that is known as Abuse of discretion on the Judge's part, there is NO individual liability under Bivens or 1983.

    I was told that he wrote "Bill of Rights Pro Se"? I could not find from web search yet. Anyone knows Mr. Grossack and his Bill of Rights Pro Se?
    A self penned Primer for the Pro Se litigant, that's all. The specific Bill of Rights, Amendment's 1-8, apply to ALL, it is just that Lawyer's, if Pro Se, are still Lawyers, not legal novices.

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