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    I'm becoming fully incredulous. So the County Council and the SD are claiming that the ISP is investigating, and the ISP told you they are not investigating because they take their marching orders from the Commissioners of a rural county?
    I think its more like someone else posited earlier, there are folks who are not listening well to what they are told. I also think others are paraphrasing and not including every minute detail.

    It sounds like this was brought to the attention of the ISP. After an initial review, they determined the elements of an offense did not appear to exist, that they would not be conducting an investigation, that no charges would be brought and they advised the county of this. When people inquired of the county regarding the matter, they simply parroted the ISP's message, that there was no wrong doing and ISP would not be conducting an investigation. Someone misinterpreted this to mean the county was pulling ISP's strings and orchestrating things.

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    Yep. THat is exactly what I am saying. This is just the County COmmissioners doing their own thing and trying to make it look like they did something. They did the same thing 9 years ago. Said they did an investigation of the complaints and not of them could be proven. However, they never talked to one person making a complaint. Smoke and mirrors. One of the commissioners is a good friend of the ACO. The Victims Assistant who is supposed to help you file Restraining ORders said she was a friend of the ACO and would not let the owner file a RO. See a pattern here? Yes, this is a good old boys county.

    It took the City taking it to the State Attorney General to get the previous Sheriff arrested and put out of office for taking bribes from inmates and threatening a City Policeman. One of the SHeriff's Drug Task Force officers was found making meth. He got probation and that was it. Corruption at its finest.

    ISP stated and I quote... We met with the commissioners and they said no criminal action was committed and we do not want an investigation.... Take that as you wish.

    This whole thing seems so bizarre that it can't be real. But it is. The ACO without any notice or reason, went on to the owner's property, and removed her dog. Left no notice. When owner went to Animal shelter to inquire where her dog was (as this is the procedure to follow), there was no dog. Animal shelter director called county dispatch. Dispatch got ahold of ACO. He told shelter director and owner that he too, the dog, shot her and disposed of her in the county compost pile. He did her a favor. County Sheriff said ACO does his own thing. Not always right. (She has the talk with the Sheriff's department on tape). They know he does it. He is a law onto himself. But unless Commissioners or Prosecutor tells them otherwise, they won't do anything about it. Would not open a report for her. Told her they would not get the dog's remains for her nor would they allow her to go there and get it for herself.

    Commissioners and Sheriff's department said State Police was doing an investigation. State Police says they were told not to by Commissioners.

    Sheriff's Department published picture on newspapers web page that he says was taken 2 days prior to the dog being picked up. But he won't say who gave him the picture or the location of the picture. Dog is shown without collar, tumor bloodied, and drag marks on her hind quarter. Owner said this was not how her dog looked the last she saw her. Question is why, if Sheriff's department took this picture 2 days prior to ACO taking the dog, did they not notify owner or take the dog into the shelter at that time?

    This is the story. I won't go into heresay about other activities the ACO is said to be involved in. That is not the issue here. Issue is that ACO went onto private property without owner's consent or notification and will not tell her why. He took the owner's personal property (the dog). He destroyed the owner's personal property (the dog). And left no notice as to what happened. And this is not the proper procedures according to the Sheriff;s Department, the animal shelter and the Indiana state animal laws (which is what the COuntry says they follow).

    Thank you all for your help.

    Thank you all for your help. I believe I have gotten all the information I need at this time. I will get the information that Senior Member asked about and have it for reference.

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    Personally I suggest she let this go. While there may be some actions the dog owner take, the only I can think of are long shots with no real compensatory result.

    I take it she doesn’t have a lot of money. If true she should probably focus on getting herself taken care of. While I believe what has happened in not right, I just don’t see much of anywhere to go with this that would help her.

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