My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: NC. My neice dad whom was my brother was murdered in 2016. Before that the baby mama had no issue with us being in my neice life. For almost 3 years since his murder all of a sudden she has tefused my mother visitation to her and her reason is bcause she mad my mom wouldnt allow her (my neice) in the funeral. My neice was 5 at the time. I swear to God she says thats her reason for refusing us visitation to her even though we are the only link my neice has to her father. We have been in contact with my neice bt uts hard bcause of the baby mama.
The situation haz hit its breaking point as of recently. A family memeber from her family has been in contact with us for the past month making us aware of whats going on. My mom got ti see my neice Saturday thanks to the family memeber. When my mom saw her Saturday she was covered all on her legs and arms and back covered in bedbug and flea bite. I talked to the family memeber after that and they told me that the house is infested with bedbugs and fleas. That the mother leaves her with the grand mother all the time there is no steady money coming in the house cause the sorry ass baby MAMA dont work or wanna work. She was living off her dads ss until recently cause he passed.the grandmother is in mourning so she not in the mind set to take care of my neice.
My neice is 8 yeara old and she cant read or write her name. She failed kindergarten and im not sure she passed her grade this year. We are concerned who she has my neice around. The mother is in a relationship with a family member on her mom side. Niot to mention she was investigated twice for neglect. They were investigating her for neglect in 2016 bcause of drugs in the home. Her family memebers were the ones who set that in motion.
Like i said its at its breaking point. I wanna know wts our best course of action to seek custody or atleast equal rights to her? Bcause my neice has suffered already at such a young age. Weve given the mother a chancw to b senasable but now its hit its point. Shpuld we call cps or should we go to a lwayer and go feom there? My neixe deserves way better.