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    Default Vehicle Safety Barrier/Guard Rail Removal

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Pennsylvania. My wife and I recently purchased a home in the state of PA. The house is a corner lot with a front lawn that extends to the street. Itís a neighborhood street with little to know traffic. Thereís a guard rail about fifty feet long wrapping around the corner of the lot. Itís a terrible eye sore and it only prevents people from driving on our lawn if they cut too close. Can I get this removed? Thank you!! 🙏🏼

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    Default Re: Vehicle Safety Barrier/Guard Rail Removal

    Quote Quoting Jakepa
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    Can I get this removed?
    We have no way of knowing.

    Is the guardrail on your property or adjacent to it? If the former, is there an easement? If so, in whose favor does the easement exist? Did you make any inquiries about the guardrail before buying the property? If so, please elaborate.

    Do you think you'll enjoy having drivers cut across your lawn to make turns?

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    Default Re: Vehicle Safety Barrier/Guard Rail Removal

    You need to find out who placed the guardrail in the first place. If it was the previous owners you can probably remove it. If it was the city/state you probably can't.

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    Default Re: Vehicle Safety Barrier/Guard Rail Removal

    It’s unlikely, if you are referring to a municipal installed guard rail.

    it is presumably within the right of way so the city or whomever could place it there legally. It’s also presumed it was put here for some valid reason. Guardrails see expensive so they aren’t installed randomly.

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    Default Re: Vehicle Safety Barrier/Guard Rail Removal

    It's possible that previous owners had problems with drivers cutting across the property and complained to the city and got the guard rail installed.

    I suggest you let it be.

    Maybe you can get the city (or permission) to paint it a pleasing color.

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