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    Default Re: Guilty by Plea Overtuned

    I'm an alien sent by The Grand Poobah Fred. Of the Clan Flintstone. Three strata south of the Bedrock. Let y'all in on a secret, it's a cool 68*, all millenia long.

    On a less serious note, where I'm from a ham sammie never gets true billed. Ham is a protected class in my Strata. But asshats are ridiculed relentlessly!

    I KNOW!!! AIN'T IT GRRRRRREAT!?! (that's from Fred's vice-poobah Tony)

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    Are you all a bunch of liberal lunatics?
    Libtards are not the SIRE of the southern end of a northbound horse(s). Likely this one was the product a night of rampant whinny between two stallions OD'd on locoweed.

    Just in case any was wondering about loco. or weed!

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    The prefatory sentence is always first, unless you are Professor backwards, remember him?
    1st! I never discuss any prefatory before 8. Arctic time.
    2nd! NEVER invoke rosseforp before 10! Plateau Time!

    don't cause me to remind you again

    3rdly!!! too much freetime is a nice thing to share. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME!

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