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    Default Can I Sue the Impound or Salvage Yard

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of:Texas
    I Got arrested and my vehicle was impounded.... I got a notification from the impound on the 17th notifyng me that i had until 20 days of the notice, to go get my vehicle.... I went on the 20th day and it turned out they had sold it in auction the same morning, i took the lost and asked if i could take my belongings out of the vehicle(Couple of other vehicle tittles & my iPhone) They told me to speak with the new owenr about this was a friday soi had to wait until monday, on moday i called the yard that bought it & they told me they where gonna look into it. Turns out i hadto call everyday until Wednesday morning they told me when my vehicle came in there was nothing in it..... I dont know if to sue the Impound & What type of Claim would it be? it was 4 tittles in there.... i dont care about the phone.... but i do care about the tittles......

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    Default Re: Can I Sue the Impound or Salvage Yard

    You can't "prove" anything about anybody, so there's nobody to sue.

    If you mean titles, go to the DMV, report them lost, and get duplicates. Do that ASAP before somebody messes with them.

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    Default Re: Can I Sue the Impound or Salvage Yard

    What the heck does "tittles" mean? If you're talking about "titles" -- and, specifically, certificates of title for automobiles -- why would you have those in a car. And, if these 'tittles" were so important to you, why did you wait until apparently the last day to deal with this?

    In any event, if you believe the salvage yard failed to follow appropriate laws and procedures, then you sue whomever owns the yard.

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