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    I don't think so. I guess you have to ask yourself what is marriage all about. If it's a business relationship or is it about commitment and family.

    A prenup anticipates the breakup of the marriage. Why get married in the first place?
    Police officers don't plan to shoot people but they still carry a gun.

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    Default Re: Asset Disclosure to the Attorney

    I have met an attorney and everything went well. My concerns about sharing asset info with the attorney goes away. He was very professional and apparently has handled many many similar cases.

    My last concern about sharing asset info is that the attorney asked us to share out bank statements, investment account statements, real estates info in email (some Dropbox or google drive link) and he would keep a copy. We understand and are fine sharing with him and his team for the prenup purpose but we are not super comfortable with copies of our every detail financial info sit in their computers indefinitely long. Itís nothing to do with their the law firms integrity - we trust them after speaking with them. It is that the computers can be hacked or maybe years later the info could be leaked due to some innocent human errors. With our name, living address and all asset info in a file that could be leaked, we are worried about potential safety issues that it might lead to.

    My question:
    1. Is it common that the attorney keeps a copy of financial info after completing the prenup?
    2. Is it reasonable to request that the copy to be deleted after we complete the prenuptial service? Or stop sharing from google drive at least after completion of the prenup service?
    3. Any way to avoid having a copy of our financial info saved with their computers ? Could we say bring physical copies in person and do the signing in the law firm?

    Huge thanks if anyone can shed some lights!

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