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    Default When is Work Deemed to Be a Derivative Work

    I would like to develop and publish a prep course for an existing (copyrighted), rigorous foreign language course. My plan is to lay out my book in the same order as the course I’m preparing students for (e.g., nouns first, verbs next, etc.) so that the order correlates with the other course. My course will have one prep book to correlate with each level of the language course. My exercises will be completely unique, but I will use the same vocabulary set to help students become familiar with vocabulary they will use in the language course. No problem with this, right? It wouldn’t be a derivative work if I simply use the same vocabulary, right?

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    Default Re: When is Work Deemed to Be a Derivative Work

    If you're stating that you are going to take a vocabulary list from (e.g.) a German language course, and use the same list of words for a French language course that you create, there is work involved in choosing vocabulary for such a course. It's not like a compilation of data (e.g., a phone book). If you further structure your course in the same manner as the original, one block of works picked by them at a time, you're copying another original element of the original course. So yes, that would be a derivative work.

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