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    Default New Jersey My Registration Was Suspended for a Lapse in Insurance Coverage

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: new jersey
    Hello and thank you in advance, OK, I bought a van last November, got NJ manufact insurance and registered titled etc all good, in late December i blew a head gasket and parked it with intentions of quickly doing the repair myself soon. I paid the insurance for December and emailed them to cancel the policy until further notice. IM 42 years old and until about a month ago i didn't know i had to give the tags back. Everyone has old tags in their garage it seems hanging on the wall ect it wasnt even a thought to leave them on the van it was dismantled in my driveway and i wouldn't drive without insurance anyway but apparently the insurance company says i lapsed due to non payment. Honestly I hadn't heard from them since i cancelled it but i dont think that really matters. I was lapsed due to my ignorance I cant argue that. So my education to this rule began last month when NJ mvc sent a letter saying ive been in a lapse since the end of January , and i needed to provide a copy of my current insurance policy, not the old policy it says that specifically. I did some research and saw that in fact i was at fault here and began getting quotes for a new policy, went with progressive, went on NJ mvc website and saw that they give email as an option to send these documents, I did so .. a week went by and i didn't hear anything and im feeling OK about this and by the way the van is 98% ready it was an awful experience but the gasket job is complete. now I need tires and im good to go.., But no of course today I got a letter saying my registration has been suspended, no mention of my email or the info I did provide them using one of the acceptable methods they give on the mvc gov website.
    Im sorry for my horrible writing skills, can anyone please tell me what to expect or do so Im prepared .I have the email dated with the attachments sent before the deadline they gave, I have insurance now . would they reinstate it if i go there with evidence that i complied? I really dont have money for this , It was my fault for not knowing i get it but like, nothing happened. and also it took exactly 3 months of "lapse" before i even heard anything idk if thats standard?

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    Default Re: New Jersey My Registration Was Suspended for a Lapse in Insurance Coverage

    If the suspension came from the DMV I suggest you make a personal visit to the DMV with all your documents and your policy showing the effective date of coverage and see what it takes to get this fixed.

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