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    Default [California] Son Was Arrested for Having Someone Else's Registration Tags on His Car

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    I just found that that my 22 year old son did something stupid. His girlfriend received a second set of registration tags for her car so she gave them to my son who put them on his license plate. He was stopped by the police and was arrested and charged with a felony. I live in Mexico so his grandmother was able to bail him out of jail. He lives in Los Angeles goes to college, works and is mostly able to support himself. AFAIK he has never been in legal trouble before.

    If he gets a public defender, is it likely that the charge can be dropped to a misdemeanor with community service and probation? I'm just wondering what is the likely outcome for this.

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    Default Re: [California] Son Was Arrested for Having Someone Else's Registration Tags on His

    If he can afford it, he should get his own attorney. Public defenders are provided for the indigent who can't afford lawyers rather than some default for those unwilling to pay.
    VC 4463 is a wobbler. While what he did is technically a felony, it can be treated as a misdemeanor. However, I think you might not have gotten the entire story from your son.

    Even a misdemeanor conviction has serious implications even if he doesn't get jail time. He definitely needs an attorney. The best bet would be to have it dropped to an infraction for failure to have proper tags, but that may not be on the table.

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    Default Re: [California] Son Was Arrested for Having Someone Else's Registration Tags on His

    Why did he put his girlfriends tags on his car ? I agree you have not been told the whole story.

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