Maybe you like condescending better. I will make my sentences small so you can figure it out. Jesus is a Jew. I believe him to be God. Thousands of us recognize him as the author and finisher of our faith and he changed the Law as far as we are concerned. If it were not for the High Priest which completed the Sacrifice of a spotless and perfect Lamb. I would never have been adopted into the bloodline.So, don't be a hater. This is not a hobby, its something that must be done, and if we all depended on lawyers to get shit done, then only the rich would get justice. Thankfully, the system I defended and suffer every day of my life for has a better option. I am surprised you are so limited, better education, solid family did they not teach you ethics? Should a police officer be judged on a lack of ethical practice, I believe that if they (the police) were held accountable for the less violent but no less egregious acts committed (from time to time) against the public then there would be fewer men gunned down while their hands are raised and empty.