I educated her on what the prosecutor will likely do and won't do, and told her regardless, DO NOT PLEA, and request a continuance to seek counsel. It is on the books that the judge "shall" grant a continuance for good cause and I have never seen a judge not grant it. I wanted her to get an opportunity to see if the prosecutor will automatically try to move the case to a different charge but I told her there is probably a 99% chance they won't drop the case because they want your money. Its an opportunity for court costs and fines. The whole system is rigged and people that are honest about it know that.

Yes, I gave her advice on her first appearance because nothing is going to happen and worst case, she would be illegally forced to say "not guilty" and go get her atty, who will then just continue it.

I would love to walk her through the discovery process so she can figure out whats going on, but that is not within her scope and I told her the atty can do that.