My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Mississippi - City of Olive Branch
Two weeks ago I hired a contractor (and he sub-contracted) to pour a concrete patio on the back of my house. Long story short:
- We requested redwood expansion joints, got the cheapest knotty pine available (didn't remember our conversation)
- You can no longer see the nice brown dye (at cost of $380) we had pre-mixed as it has all turned grey (excuse is too much water in the mix)
- Their finish work was of poor quality (we just expected perfection)
- They placed the wire mesh on the ground and then walked on it while pouring, some was actually under the sand base (says it's supposed to be that way)
- We have a growing crack up and across the face of the pour directly between joints (not a big deal)
- On expansion joint is cracked through to the ground on the end
- When I did a a rain test the water pooled and actually ran toward the house, no drainage at all (says it was my fault because I only wanted 1/4" slope)
- That cracked expansion joint - you can now see water wicking through the boards all along two edges of it
Last but not least - their crew dumped their waste concrete and washed out their buckets in the back corner of my yard, so now my fence is concreted to a cinder block and a fish tank stand....

Yes I paid them but at that time we were just haggling about the color - everything else started to manifest in the following week. What are my options - the job is now 10-days old?