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    Default Expunged Criminal Record Still Shows Up on the Court Website

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: ok

    I got an expungment granted in may of last year. Everything has gone smoothly, and the records have all been removed from the OSBI and from what I gather, FBI as well. That and because of the time lapse, the paper records were destroyed back a year and a half ago, so for the most part, I''m all set. EXCEPT for one little glitch:

    When I log on to my states online county records, there is also a link that takes it to the Ok supreme cour of appeals records. My appeal still shows up on the online records, although it doesn't list an offense or any bad details necessarily. There are two. One filed by my attorney who messed up on it, and another one filed that was correct and which resulted in my conviction reversal. My problem is, my lawyer said he couldn't bring anything up when he looked for it, even though I could bring it up plain as day. Also, when I contacted the state supreme court to ask them about it, they said they would need a letter from the county in which this all took place. Ok, fine. I called the county to speak with them, but the clerk I spoke with said she had never heard of the supreme court appeals needing such a thing. She said she would look into it and get back with me, but that was about 6 mos ago. The online appeal info doesn't show anything derogatory. I could have been appealing a speeding ticket conviction for all it has on there. It's just I don't like the loose ends and would like to erase it in any way I can.

    Am I simply going to have to take this up with another attorney, or is there some sort of way I can handle this myself? Also, for some reason, when I message the attorney who took care of this, and ask him for a copy of my expungment order, I don't hear back. I've asked now two or three times. Advice?

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    Default Re: Expunged Criminal Record Still Shows Up on the Court Website

    Start by following up with the court. If you can't get an answer from one clerk, talk to another.

    If this is the result of an error by your lawyer, it's something that your lawyer should fix without additional charge.

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    Default Re: Expunged Criminal Record Still Shows Up on the Court Website

    You should follow up with the clerk’s Appeals Unit about that. Only they will know information specific to addressing an appeals issue. As for the FBI records, records never get “removed”. What does happen is that the disposition will be updated to show that the conviction was expunged, provided that the court updated the disposition. Anyone with statutory authority will see the expunged record and should understand that the record cannot be used against you in most cases.

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