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    Default Accidental Exposure on Webcam

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Australia

    I was trying out a website called Chatalternative to see if my webcam was working properly. I found the website through a Google search for "online webcam chat". As soon as clicked on website and pressed a button labeled "Start", the chat became active. I was not dressed at that time. I immediately covered up my pubic area with my hand and moved aside before closing the website. When I went to website again fully dressed, a message came that I am banned for vulgar behavior and there was an image of half of my body with my hand over my genitals. Seems like it was captured before I could move aside completely. Do I need to worry? Do sites report banned users?

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    Default Re: Accidental Exposure on Webcam

    This is a US forum and the laws of the US and Australia are not necessarily the same. You may have to find an Australian site to answer your question.

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    Default Re: Accidental Exposure on Webcam

    If the person on the other end of the chat was an adult, the odds of anything significant happening are reduced. If it was a minor, it's more likely that action may occur.

    If you are deeply concerned, you should consult a lawyer in Australia for advice as to what laws might be implicated by online indecent exposure and, to the extent that any Australian laws apply, whether you can plausibly claim accidental exposure as a defense and what penalties might be triggered.

    Best bet: Don't activate your webcam until you are dressed.

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    Default Re: Accidental Exposure on Webcam

    Let me get this straight. While completely (?) naked, you decided to sit down at your computer and "try[] out a website" for the purpose of "see[ing] if [your] webcam was working properly." While continuing in your state of nakedness, and with the intent "to see if [your] webcam was working properly," you clicked on "a button labeled 'Start,'" when, whoops! It started and, oops! You were naked.

    If your intent was not to be naked on a webcam, why did you visit a webcam site while naked? And, by the way, according to the little blurb that came up when I googled the site's name, the purpose of the site is "for free online dating."

    Either you're making this story up or. . . . I'll leave it at that.

    As far as your questions, I don't know where the site is based, but it's unlikely that it will report anything to anyone.

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