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    Default Step Father Concerned with Reacuring Bed Bug Issue at Birth Fathers House

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Arizona

    Started about 7 months ago, 2 step children went to their dads house for weekend. When they came on, they'd bed bug bites all over them. Then started finding bed bugs in their room. We heated the room above 180 degrees, cleaned and washed everything, put denatured earth down. Seemed to have gotten rid of them. Let their father know what happened and he said that he would address the issue.

    Next time boys went to their fathers house, same thing happened again. We had two treat the room again. And their father wasn't doing anything about pest problem at his place.

    Kids were scared of going over to their fathers house in fear of getting bit again. So mother told father that kids weren't going over until he resolved the issue. 2 -3 weeks went by. Father called and said bed bug issue resolved.

    This evening my step children just returned from staying at their fathers house all weekend. (We've been having them come through the garage and leave everything they brought from their fathers house outside until it's washed and cleaned, including their clothes they're wearing, and immediate showers following as precautionary measures).

    And my oldest step son informed he'd gotten bit by bed bugs again at his father's house.

    My question is, can I file a report with CPS to help make the father, make a safe environment for the children at his house? Since all our attempts to get the father to resolve the bed bug issue at his house has failed.

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    Default Re: Step Father Concerned with Reacuring Bed Bug Issue at Birth Fathers House

    Bed bugs are a pervasive problem that is difficult to resolve on a permanent basis. Beg bugs are also not a serious health risk for most people. They are highly annoying but don't put most people at any kind of a serious health risk.

    CPS is unlikely to be of much help on the issue unless one or more of the children actually have serious reactions to the bed bugs. You might get better results by offering dad assistance in getting rid of the bed bugs.

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    Default Re: Step Father Concerned with Reacuring Bed Bug Issue at Birth Fathers House

    Also, while bedbugs are nuisance and hard do get rid of you have a much more difficult job as the step-parent: staying in your lane. You are not a parent, in the legal sense, to these children and, in this case, can only make things worse. It's the responsibility of the mother to handle issues with dad and any other attendant legal/custodial issues.
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    Default Re: Step Father Concerned with Reacuring Bed Bug Issue at Birth Fathers House

    You have written a narrative that suggests the father is open to addressing the issue. Your position of trying to bring in the big guns (cps) is uncalled for based on what you’ve stated and would do nothing more than create animosity.

    Maybe a conversation with dad letting him know that although he tried and thought the bugs were gone, apparently they aren’t.

    As another poster stated, bedbugs are pervasive. It can be quite difficult to eradicate them. If you have been successful, it would seem an offer to advise or even assist dad in his efforts would be far better than starting a war over something he appears to have attempted to do and was simply unsuccessful.

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