I did not file the initial 2014 1040 return until 3/15/2017. I filed as Married filing separately (MFS). I had purposely delayed filing because I was expecting a refund while I was still hoping to be able to file jointly waiting for my wife to acquire an SSN. This SSN did not come till 2018 and in early October 2018 I filed amendments for 2014 thru 2017 adding wife's global income and changing status to Married filing jointly (MFJ). All amendments were processed successfully and additional refunds were issued except for the 2014. IRS send one letter only in November 2018 stating "Please provide a completed MFS I040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return and any supporting schedules and/or documents that will support your claim."

I asked the IRS for clarification over the phone as to how it would be possible to file a 1040 with a different status while the legal available vehicle is a 1040-X. (A 1040 filing would be untimely and refund would be rejected automatically -- it is also impossible to account on a 1040 for the refund already received from the original filing). The IRS agent told me to resend the 1040-X with a cover letter referencing my conversation with her, which I did instantly, again attaching all affected schedules. This was done in early December 2018.

I spoke again with the IRS in early February 2019, and I learned that the 2014 1040-X was marked closed, but the agent did not know why. The agent asked me to send the 1040-X again and refer to my conversation with her, which I did again. I still have not received even one simple acknowledgment that either one of my last two mailings was received and being processed. All mailings were done via either certified or priority mail.

I need to know what my next step should be here. Is it possible that the IRS is considering the 1040-X as being filed untimely but does not wish to commit to this finding in writing? I would appreciate any help. Thanks to all.