I've been repeatedly having problems with getting my mail delivered. In the past year and a half or so, it's happened 3 times. I'll go 2 or 3 weeks straight without getting a single piece of mail--including regular sale flyers that are sent out on Saturdays. I've called the post office about it and was always told to call the postal carrier annex. When I do that, I ask if my mail is either being forwarded or withheld, and the answer is always "no". They say they'll look into it. Then within a day or two, I start getting mail again. But then 3 or 4 months later, the problem returns and I have to call the postal annex again to get the same answers. This has happened no matter who the mail carrier is who does the route, so I'm not sure it's any particular mail carrier who is not delivering my mail. I still see the mailman delivering mail to all my neighbors, but he still skips my house for weeks at a time.

During the last time this happened, I was advised to sign up for a service called Informed Delivery, so I have that now. Not everything I was receiving was being shown. Sales flyers weren't, as were other "junk mail". Now, even items that are being shown by Informed Delivery aren't being delivered to my mailbox. This time, I wrote a complaint through the Postal Service's website instead of calling the postal annex. My complaint was answered by email by the postal annex anyway. They claimed that I didn't include my address when I wrote to them, even though it was part of the information I had to provide when I filled out their mandatory form. So I responded by giving them my address. They didn't reply. I waited a couple days and sent them my address again, and have still received no reply. It looks like they recognized my address from when I've called them before and they don't want to deal with me again. That's' the way it looks to me anyway. Their website claims they respond to complaints within 1 day, but I seem to be the exception in this case.

I've been advised to write to the postmaster about this, but I couldn't find any contact information for them. I was hoping my email sent through the USPS site would go to the postmaster, but instead it went to the postal annex.

So, who is in charge of handling problems with the post office? I've been told it's a federal crime to steal mail, if that's what's happening. But USPS isn't a federal agency since their website is usps.com instead of usps.gov. Who will help me? Is it an attorney, or the police, or someone else?