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Ok. Well, today I went in to the Post Office and asked the service lady for the Post Master. I got told that she isn't in that building, and then she gives me a slip of paper with the address and phone number of the Postal Carrier Annex. I then told her that the Annex is the place that's been giving me problems all this time and then proceeded to tell her my situation and that the people at the Annex are now just ignoring me. I also told her the name of the person at the Annex I was dealing with and she said that I was talking to the supervisor there. She then wrote the name of the Post Master on the slip of paper and said to ask directly for her when I call. I may not have time to do it today, and now the Memorial Day weekend is coming up. I'll try to make time to do it today if possible.
I wish you luck. Keep us updated.