My question involves Marina landlord-tenant law in the State of: Texas

I own a slip on an inland Texas lake. The slip lease agreement was written as a "rent to own" process. The contract states if the Slip Renter payed all 60 rent payments on time (cannot have any 30 day late payments) and during that timeframe paid all marina association fees & assessments (cannot allow any marina association fees & assessments to become 30 days past due), then ownership of the slip would be conveyed to the Slip Renter. The contract also states the "rent to own" agreement would be void and the tenant would agree to remove their boat from the slip in the event the rent and/or fees & assessments became 30 days or more past due.

The rent payments to me are current and up to date; however, the marina just informed me the renter is now 3 months (~$1900) past due on the marina association fees & assessments.

The marina association has demanded that I pay the back association fees & assessments. If I do not pay, the marina association will begin legal action against me. It is my understanding the marina association's next step is to chain the renter's boat to the slip.

I believe my tenant will continue to pay rent, hoping I won't evict. Must I continue to accept the rent payment? What process must be followed to legally evict this tenant?

I am a senior on a fixed income who needs this money to survive, so I need to evict this tenant quickly to re-rent or sell outright.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank you,