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    llworking you are right. It's totally my anxiety that has me convinced that my kids are not protected here. I know once my lawyer is able to review all the papers filed and go over all of the transcripts she will have a clearer picture of everything as its happened here. At the time I found out about the warrant she didn't have anything besides the restraining order and hadn't even seen what his attorney had put in the divorce complaint.
    Let me give you a worst case perspective. Lets say that somehow the judge in NY gets the law all wrong and eventually tries to give custody of the children to your soon to be ex husband. Your soon to be ex husband comes to CA with the NY divorce decree in hand and tries to come to your house to get the children. He brings the police with him. You show the police your CA restraining order and the custody orders and the police arrest your ex for violating the restraining order. Your ex gets out of jail and goes to court in CA and tries to the CA courts to vacate the restraining and custody orders, and the CA court tells him no way. He goes back to NY without the children.

    In the meantime, your attorney in NY would be filing an appeal because the judge abused his discretion in making custody orders when CA had jurisdiction over child custody, and eventually the judge's order is overturned on appeal.

    Seriously, the laws about jurisdiction are there for a reason. Your anxiety levels about your children not being protected aren't healthy for you OR your children, because they can sense your anxiety.

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