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    Default Can You Use Your Home Address as a LLC Mailing Address

    My question involves business law in the state of: California

    We are going to form an LLC because we want to purchase a rental/income commercial property and want this commercial property to be titled under the LLC.
    Can I use my home as the mailing address for the LLC?
    Since I will not be occupying the commercial property, I did not want the Grant Deed and other mail arriving at the commercial property.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: LLC Mailing Address

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    Can I use my home as the mailing address for the LLC?

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    thank you

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    Default Re: LLC Mailing Address

    In addition to having a mailing address (which can not be a PO BOX), you are required is to have an "agent for service of process" (or what is commonly referred to in other states, a registered agent). The agent must be a person who resides in California or business able to conduct business in California, with a REAL street address in California (no PO boxes) and is open during normal business hours to accept any legal service. You could use yourself and your home address, but you'd better make sure that you are regularly available.

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