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    Default Re: Security Breach

    That's right, I drop it. I have even tried "you don't have to pay me, perhaps just sell to me at cost the item that sent me to your website in the first place." Not one single person has agreed.

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    You misunderstand the purpose of these forums. And really...You want a total internet stranger with, at very best, questionable qualifications, to help you with this? That's just silly.
    Well, I figured there would be some type of agreement. Lawyers typically make the client sign something that states that the lawyer will be more than happy to accept payment, but isn't responsible if the case is lost (removing almost all incentive to represent the client). But you are correct, it has been my experience that nearly every human chooses to be as smart or as dumb as the situation calls regardless of education, job title or wealth.

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    You don't do this by phone. Send a letter to a US address.
    You may have a good point there. Those in charge aren't using the computer to communicate with customers or the public.

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    Default Re: Security Breach

    Your post appears to raise no legal issue.

    You can inform the company in writing, by phone, etc. You are free to request payment but are unlikely to get anything.

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    Default Re: Security Breach

    I know the case when a business just had to contact with specific institution to solve it.

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