Your problem,as you are aware, is that the statute of limitations for you to sue, has expired. Additionally, due to several suits against the manufacturer, some of the issues that were the basis for suits are no longer viable claims from the point of those suits forward. The manufacturer has adjusted their literature to list side effects that were not listed previously and were the basis for many of the lawsuits. They also stopped recommending any off label uses, which was also a basis for lawsuits. That left the only people able to mount a winning suit are those that started taking the med before the literature adjustments were made and are still within the applicable statute of limitations

im not arguing that your issues do not support a claim of causation. At least a couple are typically associated with the drug. On its face, it would seem you have been damaged by the drug.

But in the end, That really leaves you with nothing and no actions available unless there is a fund from some prior suit that you would be eligible to be paid from. I have read nothing of any such fund in any state so, as I said and you accepted, talk to the attorney that told you of the fund.