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    I have a question to pose to anyone who has a background in representing people. Almost a year ago, I walked out of a residence and 2 vehicles pulled up and blocked the road in both directions, then 4 males emerged from the vehicles armed with baseball bats.
    I then began getting hit repeatably with the baseball bats. I then started defending myself to my capability. I disarmed one of the males and then began fist fighting with another and did what I could to protect myself. Needless to say one of the males were stabbed a few times and was rushed to the hospital. I defended myself and I am now being charged with Assault with a deadly weapon. The 'victim' was 29 years old with two car loads of individuals that were intoxicated coming to a males home who was underage. A few of them also have criminal records and were on probation so they were obviously not abiding their probation.
    After the incident occurred the 'victim' and his friends broke into the kids house I was at and stole a dog and a few other items. Not 1 person was charged in this case except for myself.
    I am thinking about having my attorney file an 'immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force'. I am only 20 years old and was 19 when this occurred. I have a family and a steady job. Can I get any good advice, because I am scared of losing my freedom. Thank you!!!

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    Part of the problem is that nobody is likely to believe your story. If you've ever been hit with a baseball bat, you have some notion of what it would be like to be beaten by four at the same time, and of the bruises and injuries that would be very obvious on the victim of such a beating. You were supposedly being beaten by four people, somehow managed to disarm one of them, and then chose to drop the baseball bat, pull out a knife, and start stabbing at least one of them. My guess is that when the police arrived you were not displaying any injuries consistent with your story, and to the extent that they had baseball bats they recited that they were using them defensively to try to keep the madman with the knife from stabbing them as well. Is that about right?

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