My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: VA

I was convicted for reckless driving by a federal magistrate judge in Alexandria, VA. He told I can appeal the verdict. But after talking to several local attorneys, that seems like a lost cause and a waste of money. Most wouldn't want to take my case, and some have quoted me $5-10K with no guarantee the appeal will be successful. I am distraught by this news. I don't want this misdemeanor charge haunt me for the rest of my life. I had a clean driving and criminal record before this conviction.

To make the story short, I was charged by a park police for speeding and reckless driving on George Washington Parkway. He lied and said I was driving at 70/40 mph while I was, in fact, driving at the speed of 50 or between 50-40 mph. And right before he pulled me over I was driving at 41 or 42. I asked for proof/evidence of my speeding, but he wouldn't provide me any and just gave me 2 tickets, 1 for speeding and 1 for reckless driving. I am certain I was not speeding or driving at 70 mph because I checked my speedometer when I noticed him pulled right behind me from his parking spot and started to follow me very closely, and with bright high beam on. In court, however, the only evidences the prosecutor used to convict me was the cop's testimony (which full of lies) and the radar certificate which dated back in July 2018. I was ticked on March 03, 2019. There were no pictures, print-outs of the radar reading at the time I was ticketed or records of the radar calibration on the date of. I didn't have an attorney to represent me at the trial. It didn't occur to me to acquire one as I didn't know and wasn't aware of the severity of the matter. I never had a speeding ticket before or gone to trial. I thought I could just show up and explain/tell the judge what happened and present the facts why it was impossible for me to driving at the speed of 70 and he would believe me. I was clueless of the whole legal process, in terms of what to request from the prosecutor or question the cop's credibility, etc. Lo and behold, the judge chose to believe the cop and convicted me instead.

Based on that, do you think I have a chance with the appeal to expunge the misdemeanor conviction? And if I do, what do I need to ask/request from both prosecutor and cop to discredit the cop's words and get these charges to dismiss?