My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Indiana

In 2014 I settled a debt with QVC. They wrote off a portion of it and I paid a settlement amount.

In 2018 I received a notice from Portfolio Recovery that they were trying to collect the amount that QVC had written off About that same time, QVC sent me a notice that they were terminating my account for past due amounts. Mind you, I had not used or bought anything from QVC since the settlement.

I disputed the amount with Portfolio and they sent me a notice saying that I did owe the bill and they would collect. But as proof that I owed the bill they sent me a copy of my last QVC statement from 2014 showing the amount written off by QVC and the settlement amount I paid to QVC.

How can you settle a debt with the company only to be told 4 years later that you owe the bill again (and Portfolio is saying the amount written off plus what I paid in the settlement is owed)?

Thank you.