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    Default Mechanic Will Not Honor Warranty

    Long story short, my transmission was rebuilt last October (Second time at this place, over $3000 in the last year spent there), this time, he gave me a 1year warranty in writing. Its broken again, and when I took it down there, first he said it was fine and not to worry, a couple of days later it went completely, and he said it was my fault it broke and I will have to pay to have it fixed again.

    I of course just said no, and I'll be back to see him again. Is this a case for small claims? I can't afford to fix it again, I can't sell it like it is, I have no transportation.

    And just to clarify, I drive my car very carefully, its not a street racing car, its not even a fast car, there is no way I can blow a tranny in <6000 km.

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    Default Broken Transmission

    You may well have a viable small claims case. It will help you if you have a mechanic testify for you (or at a bare minimum, if allowed in your state, have an affidavit from a mechanic) indicating that there was a problem with the repair.

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    if you can back up your claim that the transmission broke down without you doing any harm to it, and if the mechanic has given you 1 year warranty, then a claim case is worth it

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