My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georgia
Iím trying to find out how to make a motion for discovery, I got a dui two years ago, I fell asleep at a red light when the officer woke me up I got out and was fine he let me call some people to come
Get me to take me home, but I tried 3/4 people no one could come Get me, I said I want to drive home Iím not drunk, you can breathalyzer me, he wouldnít I said Iíll do the sobriety test he would, then said Iím taking you to get a blood test cause I donít think your drunk but I think your on some thing he read something from his pocket asking my permission to be takes to the hospital I agreed, after the blood test I went straight to jail, I donít believe he read me my rights, I want to get a discovery so I can go with accurate information to some lawyers to see if I should continue with trial or not this will be my second dui