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    Default Conflict Between A Student And Teacher

    My daughter's teacher filed a police report stating that my daughter drove by her home and followed her in her car. The teacher and my daughter have a history due to a break in their "Friendship". The following email was sent to the school and explains the history behind this allegation. Please advise. This teacher is unstable but PA has a strong teacher union.

    I wanted for you to be aware of several facts regarding the accusations
    that The teacher is making. First, we have three eye witnesses that would testify in court that My daughter was in another town, at work during the time that The teacher claims to have seen her near her home. The witnesses include a Campus Police Officer and two employee's of Subway. We are in the process of having Police retrieve the surveillance tape from Subway - our only concern is knowing how often the tape records over (it could be a 48 hour tape loop). She was at Subway (25 miles away from the teacher’ home).

    Secondly, as a parent, I need to know what rights my daughter has to an
    education. She has missed 6 days of school and is
    being asked to stay home again today. I am concerned for my daughter, her reputation, our families reputation along with the pain and suffering that she is going through due to the false allegations of this teacher. If the teacher was in fear, why would she wait until Monday to speak with you and Tuesday to file a police report? In terms of the report, the actions of the yellow car that she claims to have seen did not break any laws and after our own intensive investigation, my husband and I are 100% confident that it wasn't My daughter. I would also like for you to be aware that The teacher stood outside of the doorway yesterday while My daughter was in class. If she is so concerned about My daughter, why would she stay in her line of vision? This is yet another action that is a concern to me as I feel that she is manipulating My daughter, causing her additional stress and demonstrating her inconsistency of her allegations. If she is in 'fear', why would she do this?

    Moving forward, to protect My daughter from further allegations, we are
    requiring her to call from her office landline every 1/2 hour when she is working at the university. She also will not be alone at any time without an adult to testify to her whereabouts.

    My daughter babysat for The teacher on many occasions, went shopping with My daughter, her kids have stayed at my house, and The teacher also attended My daughter's birthday party. The teacher became 'friends' with My daughter and crossed over the teacher-student boundary.

    I have strong reservations about sending my youngest child to the high school next year. I need to investigate other options for him as I feel at this point that you have an unstable employee who crossed the boundaries with a teacher-student relationship. To have the teachers union back such actions is another concern to me as parent.

    Please advise me if I have any possible action that i can take regarding this manner.


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    Default Re: Need Advice in PA - Student - Teacher Issue

    Without knowing the context of this "break-up" we can only guess at what happened. I know somebody who, as a teen, developed a strong relationship with a teacher. That teacher somehow got it into her head that the student had a lesbian crush on her, and responded with what she later admitted was both inappropriate and an overreaction... it didn't go quite as far as what you're describing, but there are a lot of similarities.

    Have you tried speaking with the Principal or Vice Principal at your daughter's school? If so and it was not adequate, have you tried talking to school administrators from the School Board office? Have you requested any hearings to review the discipline imposed?

    If charges are filed or a restraining order is sought, I suggest retaining a lawyer to assist you. You should probably consult some lawyers now to see if you find one you like, and to clarify your daughter's rights and remedies.

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    Default Re: Conflict Between A Student And Teacher

    The break in their relationship was due to the fact that the teacher dismissed her from the cheerleading squad. Since that point, they have not been speaking. I have spoken with the principal and Supt - they both are supportive in allowing my daughter back to school. We have three weeks until graduation - I am just nervous that the teacher will do something else.

    I have requested that the teacher (and my daughter) have no contact with each other. The school is working with me on this. We just want to get through the rest of the school year.

    We are 100% positive that my daughter was not involved with the yellow car driving around the teachers house. Isn't there such thing as filing a false police report? There was 'no crime' and I feel that she did this just to hurt my daughter and her reputation.

    I appreciate your response.

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    Default Re: Conflict Between A Student And Teacher

    We now have video tape proof from the cameras that show my daughter at the Subway during the time that the teacher claims to have seen her at her house. We met with the Principal and Supt. They are on our side but the teachers union is supporting the teacher. The school board is also on our side as they have been informed of the teachers false allegations and want the administrators to take action. What can we do as parents in this matter? My daughter is so upset and this has effected her reputation at school.

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