My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Nevada
Back in February I was seeking help for mental illness. I was having severe panic attacks and just not doing well at all mentally. I tried to go to a hospital but they wouldn't take me in because I had my little sister with me. I needed something right away so I went to an urgent care instead. The doctor was asking me all sorts of question and he asked me if i had any thoughts of suicide. I thought it would affect the medication he was trying to give me if I didn't answer truthfully. He then said he needed to report me and call an ambulance. I freaked out begging him not to because I couldn't afford it. He then said that there were police officers near by responding to another call and he brought them in there to talk to me. I told them I couldn't afford the ambulance I'll just drive to the ER but they questioned me about different things and told me not to worry about those things. After that the ambulance came and took me to the ER and I think I was transported 2 more times to different facilities from there. Is there anyway I can dispute this? Or because i was deemed "a danger to myself or others" that i can't ?