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It very much depends upon how much you know about manufacturing.

There was a guy who knew a lot about manufacturing. In 1921 he had 64% market share. He made ONE model. He used NO "Parts Churn." He had 64% market share with no Parts Churn. Nobody has manufacturer the way he did since - - unless, maybe - -
Knowledge of manufacturing processes is necessary to manufacture without violating antitrust laws and succeed. A lot of manufacturing knowledge and thought and cleverness is necessary to make a good car. If, however, you are just interested in making money and you have enough political power (and you are in upper management), then just getting big is the goal. If you are big enough, you can manufacture anyway you want. If people finally get fed up, you will be bailed out.

so I was right. You want all of the car manufacturers to make one common model, year after year with no change.

you are attempting to take a very complex issue and reduce it to one issue, that you ignore as being a complex issue in itself.

As to being bailed out

ford wasnt

gm has repaid what they were obligated to repay.

tesla is continually bailed out by subsidies.