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    Default What Happens if You Convert to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy from Chapter 7

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: ga

    right now I am in the middle of a chapter 7, went to my first 341, it was continued for a later date due to she wanted more paperwork, that she already had, but whatever. we have to do an amendment for the means test. so I am pretty sure that will pop me to a 13. fine. but all my debt is credit cards and 1 personal loan. I am on disability. my NON-Filing spouse does work. we have no debts together. the debts are all mine. so, can they make HIM pay for MY debts, since I only have disability. we do not even have a joint bank account. the only thing is that I am on the deed, not the mortgage, but I wasn't including that in my original 7 anyway. he makes all the payments, as it is his mortgage and he works.

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    Default Duplicate post

    You should discuss your case with a bankruptcy lawyer, because we can't make an informed assessment without more information.

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