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    Default Can a Minor Request a Temporary Custody Change

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Michigan

    Hello. I am 17, and have a question regarding whether or not I can make my grandmother my legal guardian temporarily OR permanently.

    I am currently living with my mother, alongside my 3 young sisters. I go to a school outside of my town, and my grandmother provides my transportation there and from due to my mom’s work schedule. My grandma also takes me to everything, she is my method of transportation currently. For the semester in the fall, I will be participating in dual enrollment, which would require me to stay at my grandma’s house 5 days a week. Immediately I was told no by my mom, because she said if I stayed with my grandma I would “get fatter,” and that she doesn’t care about my education and I should stop overachieving. Usually I would be okay with this - but doing this program would save me over $3000 worth of college classes and I would graduate high school early. Aside from
    this, my mom is verbally abusive, she threatens to drop me out of school, we frequently get into physical fights and she cannot provide for me in the way I need due to my sisters and her work schedule. I can recall multiple occasions where she has told me I’m the worst person she’s ever met, as well as calling me many other names and hurting my mental health greatly. She hits my sisters and I and has a horrible temper, but does not physically hurt me anymore because I have threatened to call the cops on her. She has told me many times to get out of her house, and told me she hates having me live with her, but admitted she depends on me to watch my sisters when she goes out to the bar, or to see her boyfriend. My last reason for this is my mental health. I have a history of a suicide attempt, and I have many mental illnesses which my mother has neglected for years - she has refused me therapy, mental help, and makes fun of my tourette’s syndrome and my OCD, often screaming at me when I have a tic. Being at her house is making my mental health steadily decline - to the point where I am suicidal staying here. I have started having breakdowns in school and crying over the stress my mom brings into me on a daily basis. (My father and I do not speak anymore, as he is an alcoholic and also abusive.)

    If I requested a temporary custody change in the fall so I can attend the nursing program, improve my mental health, and make it easier to access medications, attend school, and get mental help, would this be granted to me?

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    Default Re: Temporary Custody Change

    Unfortunately for your schooling, you do NOT have anywhere near enough time to get a court case, particularly a contested custody case, through the courts before school will start in the fall.

    Your grandmother also does not really have any standing to get custody of you either. Parents have a constitutional right to the custody of their children.

    Speak to your school counselor about what is going on at home. She may be able to convince your mother to put you in therapy to help you cope with things.

    Its not the end of the world if you have to wait until you graduate to start your college courses. I agree that it will be disappointing for you if you cannot do so, but it won't be the end of the world.

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    Default Re: Temporary Custody Change

    You don't have the standing to make such a request of the court. But even if you did it would never happen before you were 18 and could move wherever you like.

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    Default Re: Temporary Custody Change

    Quote Quoting cutiepie91
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    I am 17, and have a question regarding whether or not I can make my grandmother my legal guardian temporarily OR permanently.
    You cannot make anyone (your grandmother or anyone else) your guardian. A guardianship can only be established by a court order. Your grandmother could, if she wished, file a petition seeking to be appointed by the court as your guardian. You cannot initiate the proceeding, and your mother and father (your post is oddly silent with respect to him) could object. Whether this could possibly be accomplished before your turn 18 obviously depends on when that will happen. I suggest you discuss the situation with your grandmother since it's a non-starter unless she's willing to petition the court. Beyond that, you can contact the local child protective services authority (and probably should do so when your mother physically abuses your siblings).

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