My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California

I admitted that I have Slots-addicted. Gambling problem.
After I lost everything. I realized it is time for me to get back before too late. In order to gain back control I need to clear my path. So I decided to dispute the online casino transaction
Started with American Express Serve ( the total amount of $4900- 91 transactions)
In April 9th.
I first contact with Amex account services to file dispute. Instead of doing all at once, I began with 25 transactions with total over $1,600. During the process I mentioned the merchants showed up on my account are unfamiliar and they are not the one that I associated with. My documents ( declaration of Fraud) that I sent in have been denied 3 times. Yet the investigation still on going.
April 23rd, I called them to ask about the process, but this time. I pointed straight that those are the online gambling transactions.
And claimed that the transactions supposed to bill under casino transaction so I can file Win/Loss on year tax, but they were not, it showed up on my account is somewhat online stores from China selling beauty & nails stuff that I never ever interested in not to mention I have no favor when it comes to china made.....
According to the account holder agreement, if the investigation is continued. The Amex Serve will provision credit back to my accounts. Therefore, in April 29, out of $1600 the Amex Serve provision credit back to my account $10.89!
And claimed that because my documents are rejected. So it took them another 45 days to finish the investigation!
(My docs are clear and specific details however they told me they got the docs Blank with no images twice)
I'm seeking advice for what to do with this kind of */***** finance institution.
When I'm honest with them, and their act is the same as those fraudulent merchants. Despite they charged me like $90 per month for those transactions. I also mention that I dont need the fee back, Im targeting in those merchants not them.