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    Post Remarrying After Getting an Annulment

    My question involves a marriage in the state of:New Jersey

    I once asked if i would get annulment for a marriage that was registered in india 9 years ago and it was suggested me that i would have to go for divorce instead of annulment. But to my surprise today judge granted me annulment and that also in matter of 2 months from the date it was filed. Now the question that i have is that my attorney mistakenly submitted wrong paper which stated that i am seeking divorce however after taking oath judge asked me very clearly if i am seeking divorce or annulment and i made it very clear that i am seeking annulment. After hearing my statement Hon'ble judge granted me annulment but in the judgement he simply scratched divorce and wrote "NULLITY" with his hand and signed it. I also got the golden seal on that judgment but now question arises whether i would have hard time with this hand scratched judgement in case if i get married to someone abroad and try to sponsor them. Please let me know what could be done about this ? Should i go to court and get this judgement amended or should i keep it as it is ? My only concern is the validity of this judgement when it comes to sponsor someone ? I would appreciate experts advice !

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