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    Default What to Do After a Hit and Run Incident

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

    So last night my dad was hit by another driver (probably drunk or on the phone or who knows what). He was inside the house heard a loud noise (his truck was parked) and the guy obviously hit my dads truck parked and just slam the accelerator and took off the scene. My dad told me what do I recommend I said well lets call the police. So we did. Officer basically came wrote a document (I assume for our own personal matter and so they can have it on file) so the insurances could see proof. The thing is I told her I dont really think its worth it (the hit wasnt that bad) the reason I called was hoping this would be on their alert list and maybe they can catch the guy. The only thing we know it was a Volkswagon (the logo sign was on the ground so we know it was that and silver) because you could see his car actually took the bigger toll (my dads truck luckily wasnt that bad of a hit).

    My question here is their anything that can really be done after this? The truck is old its just liability so I know the insurance will not deal with it. I was hoping more if they can catch the guy so he can be a responsible for what he did. I am on the assumption nothing can really be done at this point, but was hoping to hear what others think.

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    Default Re: What to Do on Hit and Run Incident

    Check with neighbors up and down the street and around the block to see if anybody saw something or had security cameras that might have gotten a picture of the car and driver.

    Or drive around the neighborhood in ever widening circles once or twice a week and see if you spot the car.

    Otherwise, you'll just have to wait and see if the police come up with anything.

    If not, your father fixes his own damage and gets on with his life being consoled by the fact that the other driver messed up his own car worse than your father's truck.

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    Default Re: What to Do on Hit and Run Incident

    Thanks for the response I will check with one of my neighbors I believe he has a camera see if my luck is solid. As for any witnesses didn't seem like it I walked around a bit that night but it was late so seems everyone was inside their homes. I was hoping the police within time can come up with something thats really the only reason we contacted them. He is actually glad it was his truck and not my moms car if he would of hit my moms car it would of destroyed it bad (its one of those fiber plastic cars as you know those dent so easy). Thanks for the advice will just have to wait it out if not luckily it wasnt that serious

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