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She has over stayed 1.5 years. She stayed with her brother who is a legal US Citizen. Then we met. I'm almost 40. Been married and divorced. Silly to some fishy and to soon for others it's all subjective. When someone makes you feel amazing and goes out of their way to make to smile because it make you feel alive then I dont care what society thinks about how long one should wait to be married. I'm not 18, this isnt my 1st marriage. Waited almost 10 years and dated many woman till I came across her. She is awesome and makes me happy so I asked...
As far as work she helps her friend clean houses. Nothing major...
Her only illegal activity is the overstay and "helping her friend" clean houses.

I know the overstay is forgiven if she becomes the immediate relative of a Citizen and is authorized to stay in the US while her status is changed. Unless she wants or Needs to go home for some reason. Then she has to wait and file a K1 I think.

Some date yrs, Some people elope, some wait 6 months some wait a yr. In all seriousness I am not looking forward to being cross examined and judged by some judgmental immigration asshole. I know they have a job to do and call but its shitty.
Just was looking to WHAT NOT TO DO...
You hope the stay is forgiven. It’s not a forgone conclusion.

Her only illegal activity is NOT the over stay. She worked. That is a very different issue. You said she is self supporting so she must do pretty good cleaning houses. Has she been paying ALL her taxes? If not, add tax evasion on her list of crimes.

The rest of the mushy stuff doesn’t matter to me in the least.